Though they get a very good salary, pension and bribes, powerful greedy cunning cheater government employees are ruthless in robbing private citizens

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In a new form of corruption, powerful greedy cunning cheater government employees are faking their relationship to steal everything from investors, professionals

Indicating the lack of professionalism in government agencies, the Government refuses to admit that their well paid greedy liar employees always FAKED their relationship with the domain investor they HATED to steal her resume, savings, data and correspondence.
Powerful cunning cheater top government employee puneet never had any connection, only he FAKED his relationship, and then he admited his hatred
Though the Powerful cunning cheater top government employee puneet used his excellent acting skills to fake his relationship with the single woman engineer and dupe companies, countries and people, in reality, it can be legally proved that there was never any connection at all between the engineer, private citizen and the government employee who always HATED her
Initially being a very cunning cheater, Powerful top government employee liar puneet initially faked his relationship and help for the single woman, spreading fake rumors of help, so that he could cheat, exploit, rob her to the maximum extent, commit human rights abuses without a legally valid reason.
After he had robbed everything from her, he was honest about his hatred for the single woman engineer, his btech 1993 ee classmate who he hated and was openly slandering her.
So the government agencies should stop making up fake stories about help to cheat, exploit, rob the single woman,since there was never any kind of relationship at all.
There were only two phases of the great relationship fraud, in the first phase the liar government employee FAKED help, and in the second phase after robbing everything, he joined others in destroying her credibility so that she could not get justice

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