when there is no redressal mechanism for government SLAVERY, financial fraud victims in the internet sector, they are forced to complain online

September 14, 2022 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Though the CUNNING CHEATER indian tech and internet companies are always trying to belittle the domain investor, falsely claiming that everyone has a large number of domains, in reality the number of domain investors is very less, yet the indian government has continued with its financial , online fraud since 2010, duping companies, countries and people.
all the complaints of the domain investor are ignored, since she has been slandered in the worst manner. The domain investor is using every option to get justice, and when she is complaining on forums, it appears that some government officials are upset.
However, there is no redressal mechanism for government slavery victims in the indian internet sector, so the domain investor will continue to complain about the cheating, exploitation she faces, the endless frauds of the cunning cheater top indian government employees are committing on her to get their relatives and friends no work, no investment government jobs.

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