Government SLAVERY in the indian internet sector is the worst in the world

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In the indian internet sector, government slavery of some domain investors is the worst and is widely discussed on reddit and quora since 2015. Saudi, UAE domain investors will legally purchase the domains and get them transferred to their name, in india greedy government employees do not want to purchase domains legally,. yet they slander harmless domain investors, steal their data and get their relatives, friends government jobs faking domain ownership, online income.

One greedy gujju stock trader with revenues of Rs 35 crores, and other fraud raw/cbi employees allegedly getting a raw salary for faking domain ownership since 2013, yet refuses to purchase the domains legally cheating the real domain investor of Rs 10-15 lakh annually, and is supported by tech, internet companies, government agencies.
When government slavery in the indian internet sector is so rampant, despite the domain investor being well educated , the condition of the other slaves can be imagined.
Indore fraud robber housewife raw employee deepika/veena is another fraud who is faking domain ownership, involved in government slavery since 2010 to get a monthly governmet salary at the expense of her relative who the fraud liar indore officials, greedy fraud government employees from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay led by the cruel cunning cheater puneet have converted into a government slave